Phoenix Illustration

Customer Project: "Phoenix Apparel Design"
Use: Artwork for Deuce Custom Ink Apparel

graphic design phoenix t-shirt
Vector illustration created for Dussault Apparel’s Deuce Custom Ink line of hoodies and t-shirts. Released Spring 2013.

Eyes on Me

School Project: "Eyes on Me"
Use: Logo Design / Branding

graphic design logo branding
Eye’s on Me was conceptual school project for a tattoo parlor that breaks the dark clique associated with this subculture. Focusing on a clean medical inspired design ensures the business would appeal to the audience who aren’t diehard tattoo fanatics but are interested in attaining body art of their own in a bright, safe establishment.

Energy Therapy

Customer Project: "Energy Therapy"
Use: Branding on a Budget

design logo branding
Energy Therapy is a name given for private practitioner RN Daphne Derry who performs many natural health services from her home. Budget depicted the choice of a single sided card design as well as a letterhead printed on colored paper instead of adding a bleed.

L’Oreal Hair Care Products

School Project: "Package Design"
Use: Branding & Package design

package design shampoo products
A fully illustrated vector art school project to develop package design, branding and pre-press experience associated with the field of graphic design.

The Fox Rocks

School Project: "The Fox"
Use: Creating an Illustrative Mascot

poster graphics print design
Branding a radio station with an illustrated mascot character & design a poster for their upcoming show.

Children’s Website

School Project: "My Little Pony Website"
Use An exciting website for children

children's illustration and web design
Design, Code & Illustrate a website of our choosing in order to practice web design.

I am Schnauzer

School Project: "I Am Schnauzer"
Use: Working with pantone & color separations

business branding design
After interviewed a dog breeder and assessing the business, The design melded to fit the needs of this particular breeder. Using complimentary pantone colors to add tension and excitement fits the breed of terriers spontaneity and stubborn nature. The playful tone of the copy brings the reader to a closer understanding of the joy that these miniature dogs bring into the household, despite the challenges of owning one.